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Human Resources


Tips for Creating a Presentation with Impact

Making presentations is a way of life for most professionals and chances are, at some point, you've made a presentation that lacked "oomph". The next time you are called on to make a presentation, use these five questions to help create a presentation with impact. ...(more)

6 Ways to Keep People Focused During Meetings

Have you led a meeting that didn't go as planned? Perhaps you ran out of time before covering all your agenda items, or the meeting participants were lethargic. It's likely your meeting was too long. Research from psychologist Kathleen Vohs, who studies neuroscience, indicates that there is a limit to how much intense mental focus people can give during uninterrupted segments of time. After people reach their "cognitive processing" limit, they will make poor or hasty decisions. So it's important to allot only the time needed to accomplish your meeting objectives. Keep these tips in mind to avoid the "brain drain" of meetings....(more)

5 Factors that Determine Meeting Effectiveness

Company meetings are much-maligned and for good reason. Meetings can be the number-one productivity drain in employees' daily work lives, wasting as much as four hours a day. However, a well-planned and executed meeting can move decisions forward and improve collaboration and innovation....(more)

How to Decide When to Call a Meeting

Business meetings are an integral part of how work gets done across the world. However, not all meetings are effective. Talk to any business professional and you hear horror stories of poorly executed meetings. According to the website, 91 percent of professionals admit to daydreaming during meetings and 39 percent say they have actually dozed off. If you are in charge of leading meetings, here are three things to ask yourself before you call your next meeting....(more)

Interviewing and Hiring

Managerial Interviewing Style - How it Influences Who You Hire

It is inevitable: a manager's personality influences the way they interview job candidates. Every hiring manager has an interviewing "style." No matter what your style, it is important to understand the way you interview so that you don't fall prey to hiring someone exactly like you. Here's how....(more)

Manager Mess-Ups: Mistakes in Your Interview Process Can Ruin Your Company's Image

Are your managers interviewing practices creating bad "press" for your company? Research shows that job candidates talk about their interview experiences, both good and bad. Here are five ways your hiring managers might be ruining your company's reputation during a job interview....(more)

The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring for Cultural Fit

Many managers with job openings focus primarily on "job fit," determining if a candidate has the right skills to successfully do the job. "Cultural fit" - how a person will acclimate to the values and practices of an organization - has gained prominence as an equally important standard for hiring. ...(more)

Administrative Systems

Inexpensive Resources for Building an Employee Onboarding Program

As a human resources professional or hiring manager, you most likely have seen the importance of acclimating new hires quickly, yet in a way that encourages them to embrace your company's culture. Check these five budget-friendly resources, and you'll find ideas for both large and small companies. ...(more)

New Employee Onboarding: Best Practices to Get Employees Up to Speed Quickly

Are your new employee onboarding practices up to par? According to research, companies with a solid onboarding program have significantly higher rate of retention than companies with no formal process. Here are four ways to wow new employees and get them up to speed faster....(more)

Essential Elements for a Successful Employee Onboarding Program

In today's business environment, newly hired employees expect a series of activities designed to help them make a smooth transition into your organization. Here are four things employees want to know when they join your company, and how a formal onboarding process can help....(more)

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