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Human Resources

Professional Development

Four Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a New Leader

When you are newly promoted to a leadership role, it can be difficult to immediately exude a manner of self-assurance because there are so many new things to learn. Yet, confidence is a key leadership trait. Follow these four tips to help boost your confidence as you take on your new role....(more)

Leadership Assessments - An Overview

Do you have the desire to improve your leadership effectiveness? One way to gauge how well you're doing as a leader is to complete a leadership assessment. There are thousands of assessments on the market, so the challenge is finding the one that best fits your needs. Here is an overview of leadership assessments to help you make an informed choice....(more)

Tips for Using the 70/20/10 Model for Learning and Development

As a manager, how many professional growth opportunities are you able to provide to your employees on a daily basis? If "daily" seems like a tall order, it might be easier than you think. Consider this: according to a 2012 study by the Society for Human Resource Management, "63 percent of employees rate opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work as the most important contributor to their job satisfaction." One way that employees can put their talents to work is through professional development.Luckily, there is a way to provide "development" to employees that extends beyond sending them to training. Best practice research indicates there is an actual "formula" to help guide you: it's called the "70/20/10 Model for Learning and Development."...(more)

Individual Development Plans: An Overview

Retaining talent is a key business strategy for companies. According to a 2012 research study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 86% of employees surveyed said that access to professional development was "important" or "very important". Organizations that offer access to professional development activities have a more satisfied and productive workforce, which can in turn lead to reduced employee turnover. One tool that facilitates employees' professional growth is the individual development plan ("IDP"), a written document that is used to help both the employer and employee set forth vision for the employee's future development....(more)

Human Resources

Four Types of Training Activities that Work

Countless studies have shown that "active learning", a term that encompasses a variety of teaching methods designed to directly involve the students in "hands on" learning, is the best way to improve learners' retention and recall. Make your training more hands-on with these four activities....(more)

Managerial Interviewing Style - How it Influences Who You Hire

It is inevitable: a manager's personality influences the way they interview job candidates. Every hiring manager has an interviewing "style." No matter what your style, it is important to understand the way you interview so that you don't fall prey to hiring someone exactly like you. Here's how....(more)

Manager Mess-Ups: Mistakes in Your Interview Process Can Ruin Your Company's Image

Are your managers interviewing practices creating bad "press" for your company? Research shows that job candidates talk about their interview experiences, both good and bad. Here are five ways your hiring managers might be ruining your company's reputation during a job interview....(more)

Tips and Techniques

Performance Appraisals Gone Bad: How to Deal with an Upset Employee

Even the most prepared manager can be blind-sided by unexpected employee reactions during a performance appraisal discussion, especially if the performance feedback you must give is negative. Here are tips to deal with an upset employee....(more)

Should I Counsel Employees on Personal Problems?

Some of the toughest challenges new supervisors face are when one of their direct reports suffers from a personal crisis. Be it an impending divorce or a health issue, caring supervisors want to help but must proceed with caution. This article shows how to get appropriately involved. ...(more)

Working Well With Others: Quick Team-building Exercises for Your Workplace

There are many quick team-building exercises available to help you improve the interactions among your team members. Ice breakers, mentoring and team-building groups allow your teams to connect and get to know one another better. Changing work spaces to a less informal environment allows you to increase productivity by allowing employees to collaborate in a less restrictive atmosphere....(more)

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